beautyUndyware.com is an associate and affiliate compensated curator of women’s underwear products. Among other programs, Undyware.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

We locate the best-rated products (starstarstarstarstarstarstarstar where available) from e-commerce sites and list them here. Most of the products listed will be from companies with whom we have a relationship that results in a small commission if a sale is made at that site. All transactions are processed on the secure website platform that sells the product.

We expose our visitors to only the top rated shapewear, swimwear, classic underwear, and lingerie, as measured by the review rating of people who have actually purchased the products.

Some of the products listed here can also be found locally at big box stores, department stores, and, in some cases, at discount stores.

If you have suggestions about specific products and companies that sell these products, please comment below and we will do further research.

There are so many quality products available at prices the average woman can afford. Here are examples of some of the Amazon.com products listed in our catalog:


Post Operation Shapers

Nursing Bras

(Even) Super Hero Undershirts

Until Jul 17, 2016, this catalog will still be available through our offline Windows XP – 10 software, seen here.

twogirls skoolgrl classy


Note that this online version of the catalog at undyware.com  will always have the best information, since it is updated in real time. The offline database catalog software is being phased out in 2016.

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